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Cutting-Edge DDR5 DRAM Series Engineered to Rebolutionize Industrial Systems


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Next-generation server platforms like Intel Eagle Stream and AMD Zen 4 Genoa debuted in 2022 following the announcement of Intel’s 12th Gen processor, creating a market for DDR5 applications.
Intel released the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop CPUs in early 2022. These CPU provide new architectures alongside support for PCIe 5.0/4.0, and DDR5/DDR4 memory; and combine security and manageability features with AI to boost productivity and fuel future innovation in IoT applications.
Advantech has recently introduced 12th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop CPUs. 12th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop CPUs leverage up to 16 cores, 24 threads, and high-performance chip design to empower AI and graphics performance. The enhanced graphics functions are ideal for immersive, engaging video, alongside fast AI with hardware acceleration......
Advantech VUE-4000 series belongs to VUE touch display family and contents ARM-base models by 10.1, 15.6 and 23.8 inch, equips Android 11 as operating system for industrial interactive ecosystems.
Advantech recently announced to implement Microchip Adaptec SmartRAID 3100 series with high performance, low power, reliability and feature-rich solutions tailored to a variety of server storage applications, including software-defined storage (SDS), cold storage and enterprise applications.
Advantech MNT series provides a full HD viewing experience in an aesthetic slim and narrow bezel design. MNT series is primarily aimed at office workplaces and public spaces such as receptions and waiting rooms in shops, hotels, and restaurants. MNT series is also perfectly suited for corporate and personal desk-monitor use in financial, ......
Consumers demand high-standard industrial SSDs that support consistent, large capacity data read and write performance in harsh military/factory environments. Transportation applications are a common example of the use of industrial SSDs. Indeed, transportation applications require 24/7 operation, long read/write life cycles,......
Advantech’s video wall solutions comprise the VUE-5000 series of large-format panel displays and Matrox® Mura MPX controller boards that support 4K2K ultra-HD screen resolution and dual/quad HDMI outputs to deliver superior clarity and visibility for ultra-immersive visual experiences.
5G is the 5th generation of cellular technology. It is designed to increase speed, reduce latency, and improve the flexibility and utility of wireless services. 5G has allowed diverse data-centric applications that yield real-time insights with game changing results.
Advantech recently began introducing Gold and Silver series Intel® Xeon® Ice Lake scalable processors with integrated AI/crypto acceleration and advanced security capabilities. The Ice Lake-SP powers a broad range of industry workloads — covering everything between the cloud, the network, and the intelligent edge.

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