Increase Driving Safety with Advantech Screen Blanking Solution

One of the main accident hazards associated with vehicle-mounted terminals is driver distraction due to the device. To address this issue, Advantech developed new DLT-SA6100, a USB-based digital smart motion sensor for screen blanking solution, designed to reduce driver distraction and improve driving safety.

Smart Plug-and-Play Solution with Rugged and Multi-Sensor USB

Advantech’s DLT-SA6100 for screen blanking solution features plug-and-play functionality to ensure simple and easy installation. The UBS stick is design to work under toughest conditions with wide operating temperature ( -40 °C to + 80 °C) and high shock and vibration resistance.

Equipped with multiple motion sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer and gyro), DLT-SA6100 are able to detect the movement of a terminal. The screen will become blank when the vehicle is in motion, and will turn on again when the vehicle stops.

Cableless Solution for Quick Installation and Secure Operation

Traditional Screen Blanking Box/Switch Solution

Advantech USB-based Smart Motion Sensor Solution

Install a screen blanking box/switch on vehicle, and
then connect the box/switch with COM port on VMT using cable
(Installation time > 60min)

Connection via one of the USB ports on VMT
(Installation time < 10min)

User-supplied cables needed

No extra wiring needed

Space-taking, risk of falling cable, and mechanical failure

Space-saving, stable connection, and secure operation

Easy Configuration and High Compatibility

The necessary configuration software is included with the solution and available online for download. After installation, the solution settings, such as the onscreen image and sensor sensitivity, can be conveniently configured according to specific requirements.

✓ 6 sensitivity levels
✓ Customizable onscreen image

DLT-SA6100 is compatible with all Advantech VMTs. Additionally, because of its convenient USB interface, DLT-SA6100 is also compatible with any vehicle-mounted terminals with USB ports.


  • Rugged USB equipped with multiple motion sensors (Accelerometer, magnetometer and gyro sensors)
  • Plug-and-Play functionality for easy installation
  • Cableless design minimizes the risk of mechanical failure
  • Intelligent configuration software provided
  • Wide operating temperature rang (-40°C to +80°C)
  • Resistant against shocks and vibrations according to IEC60721-3-5
  • Supports Advantech VMTs and third-party terminals

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