Advantech’s rugged Industry 4.0 solutions offer flexible and efficient ways for food & beverage manufacturers to fulfill high demand in product variability while maintaining the safety of the food and supply.

There is no business or industry that can’t benefit from visualizing their data,
but Manufacturers are the one group that can’t survive without it.” – Peter Begle Business Online

How Successful Food and Beverage Companies Are Driving Outperform?

Ensure Food Safety Process with Rugged Industrial Display Solutions
Ensure Food Safety Process with Rugged Industrial Display Solutions

More than ever before, the food and beverage industry is facing pressure from consumers and regulators to ensure the quality and safety of food products they produce. To achieve the highest level of food safety, hygiene control during all production operations is essential.

Save Money by Visualizing Your Operations
Save Money by Visualizing Your Operations

As food and beverage manufacturers target higher production rates with hundreds of PCs deployed throughout the factory, the management of complex processes becomes more critical. Managers need a single interface that allows them to spot trends and patterns more quickly.

Enhance Your Productivity & Reduce Downtime with ThinManager Centralized Management
Enhance Your Productivity & Reduce Downtime with ThinManager Centralized Management

Factories might typically deploy hundreds of PCs for various applications, but employing a big IT team to maintain all the PCs is not affordable or practical. ThinManager can effectively centralize all the PCs management works into one-click through single interface.

Increase Quality with Vision Inspection and Traceability System
Increase Quality with Vision Inspection and Traceability System

Traceability is the ability to verify the history, location, and/or application of an item by a documented and recorded unique identifier. Goods can be recalled based on the precise information of date, time, and location.

Ensure Food Safety with
Rugged Industrial Display Solutions

01-1_Stainless steel waterproof monitor for food and beverage processing industry

Advantech’s industrial display solutions, which include Panel PCs and a stainless steel waterproof monitor, are specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. All components are easy to clean and disinfect. In addition, they are corrosion resistant which helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Why Advantech Industrial Displays for Your Food & Beverage Solutions

Easy to Clean

Advantech’s durable stainless steel/waterproof displays withstand rigorous equipment cleaning and sanitizing regimens helping to ensure the safety of the food and supply.

Enhanced Hygiene and Safety

Suitable for operation in harsh environments with a high potential for exposure to dust, condensation, and water.

Consistent Quality

Displays designed to industry standards, like all around IP69K/IP65 ratings to prevent foodborne illnesses and protect your brand.

ISO20653 IP-69k Test Video

See Advantech Industrial Display Go Through Rigorous Water Test Procedure

Save Money by Visualizing Your Operations

Food and beverage processing data analysis solutions

Advantech provides a series of real-time control and data analysis solutions that are capable of summarizing the results of multiple processes and visually showing the performance/efficiency of each task in real time on a dashboard. This enables managers to make data driven decisions based on real-time data analysis.

Benefits of Visualizing Operations





Visualization Solution

Smart operator panels for real time monitoring and management.

Smart Operator Panels

Advantech’s WebOP-2000T series of operator panels comes with WebAccess/HMI runtime software pre-installed so users can easily capture and transform data collected from PLCs, motion/thermal controllers, inverters, and sensors into visualized information to enable real-time monitoring and management.

Remote access industrial pc for data acquisition, remote control, and status/error monitoring.

Cloud-enabled HMI Platform

Advantech’s UNO-1251G is a rugged industrial IoT Din-rail gateway with a programmable OLED display and mobile remote access with VNC. This platform also comes with WebAccess/HMI runtime software pre-installed making it ideal for data acquisition, remote control, and status/error monitoring.

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Successful Applications


FREE WebAccess/HMI –HMI Development Software

Powerful software which is able to create HMI application solutions for labor-saving, manufacturing efficiency improved and visualized operation on every machine in factory.

  • Smart Screen Management
  • Software Functions to Meet Various Machine Needs
  • Efficient Project-based Structure to Manage Multiple Applications
  • Supports over 450 types of PLC/Controllers
Create HMI application solutions for labor-saving and manufacturing efficiency with WebAcess HMI.

Learn how Advantech’s UNO-1251G Cloud-enabled HMI edge Gateway can bring intelligence to your machine.

Learn about Advantech WebAccess/HMI software and the whole suite of IoT Software, WISE-Paas, used to develop domain specific applications.

Enhance Your Productivity & Reduce Downtime
with ThinManager Central Management

Easily manage all server application and thin clients on single interface with SRP-FPV240.

Advantech’s new SRP-FPV240 (Solution Ready Platforms) is designed for process visualization. It comes with preinstalled ACP-enabled ThinClient BIOS allowing users to easily manage all server applications and thin clients from the plant floor to the control room on a single user interface.

  • All Client Device Management
  • Remote Control & Maintenance
  • Plug & Play Diskless ThinClient

ThinManager Central Management Process Visualization Benefits



Reliable and efficient IT system management to reduce unplanned downtime.



One-click software updates to all thin clients and save 22% troubleshooting time via plug in system.



Different simultaneous system visualizations on separate monitors. Run the display as a single monitor or separate desktops with multi clients.

Successful Applications

Shop Floor Dashboard

Flexible Screen tiling to display multiple tasks on TVs

Work Station

Save cost and space by sharing one thin client with two operators

Sever Center

Easy maintenance and system upgrades by central server

Control Room

Up to five monitors connected to supervise the whole factory

ThinManager Visualization Management Software

Learn what ThinManager is and how it can help get data to the right person, at the right time, in the right location.

Increase Your Product Quality with
Vision Inspection and Traceability System

Save on labor and time with increased production from Advantech’s machine vision systems.

Advantech's machine vision systems are renowned for their high performance, large number of I/O ports, and flexible expansion. Offering vision cards, graphic cards, and motion cards, Advantech’s machine vision systems are an ideal choice for vision inspection and traceability systems.

Why Advantech For Vision Inspection

Speedy and Accurate


Packages are inspected at a rate of high speed per second, faster and more acturate quality assessment.



Production rates increased as well as labor and time savings.



Wide and easy expansibility to integrate POE function into machine vision.

Successful Applications


Advantech's Flexible iDoor Technology

Advantech’s innovative iDoor Technology is a new modular way of adding flexible functionality to a wide range of devices, giving system integrators the flexibility to choose functions on demand. By using standardized components and interfaces, integrators can leverage current state-of-the-art technologies as well as up and coming IPC trends.

Add flexible functionality to a wide range of devices with Advantech's innovative iDoor Technology.

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